Our constitution

Last updated: 7th January, 2022

Vision and mission statement

Stroud Pride is a group of friendly, creative, enthusiastic volunteers from the local LGBT+ community.

Our vision is to celebrate Stroud’s acceptance of its LGBT+ community, making Stroud an example of acceptance and tolerance.

Our mission is to organise Stroud Pride Picnic, a celebration from the LGBTQ+ community for Stroud district, on the last Saturday in June. We will organise Stroud Pride and make it a unique, family friendly event for our area. We will work with the town’s residents, leaders and communities to create a Pride that works for the people of Stroud.

Our aim is to inspire individuals, businesses and groups in the Stroud district to take part in the celebrations and organise events of their own. In this way the people of Stroud can show their support for the LGBT+ community and work with us to end the discrimination faced by LGBT+ people. We also ensure Stroud is a town where everyone can feel safe and proud to be themselves. We work creatively to challenge intolerance or prejudice of any kind. We also aim to assist in the development of the community’s efforts to improve on their support and understanding of LGBT+ issues.

Membership of Stroud Pride

Membership of Stroud Pride is open to anyone who identifies as LGBT+ or is a family member, a friend, and allies of LGBT+ people.

Members have to agree with our Core Values and follow the Ground Rules. Members who break the Ground Rules will be asked to leave the group.

The Structure of Stroud Pride Committee

Stroud Pride will be managed by a Senior Management Team, supported by a Leadership Team with responsibility for workstreams organised by the Senior Management Team.

Senior Management Team

Each year the group will re-elect 2 Co-Chairs, Secretary and Treasurer. These individuals will also appoint an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

The Co-Chairs

They will work together, preparing and running meetings. Manage the Leadership team and make sure all policies and procedures are up to date. They will be responsible for having all the relevant licensing in place and be named as responsible persons for the organisation, including: named safeguarding lead; licence holder; and TEN Lead.

The Secretary

Will be responsible for taking minutes and distributing them to the team.

The Treasurer

Will keep itemised, accurate records of the money going into and out of the Stroud Pride account and give financial reports. Will prepare the annual budget, and report to the committee regularly about the organisation’s financial health and achievement of the annual budget.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer (EDI)

They will be responsible for ensuring that all activities by Stroud Pride will adhere to our EDI Policy. They will also have a team, responsible for doing outreach work and campaigning. The EDI officer will manage those teams and the projects.

Leadership Team

There will be named leads to manage teams operating under Stroud Pride and will be responsible for the running of their allocated area of responsibility, reporting regularly to the committee meetings.

Marketing & Publicity Co-ordinator

They will be responsible for all advertising, marketing and advertising and their team. They will also be responsible for being the voice of Stroud Pride to the wider community.

Youth Representative

Will be responsible for liaising with youth organisations in the area. They will represent the views of the young people of Stroud.

Fundraising Officer

Will be responsible for: grant applications; obtaining sponsorship and other fundraising ideas and activities. They will manage a team, budgets and fundraising events with teams allocated to run each individual fundraiser. There will be a lead organiser for every Stroud Pride fundraiser and event.

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Will be responsible for leading the team to recruit and organise volunteers.

Entertainment Officer

Will be responsible for leading the team to find and organise entertainment for the Pride event. They will also be responsible for organising the entertainment for the day; including stage, lighting, sound equipment, acts, entertainment schedule and applications through the year.

Event Co-ordinator

They will be responsible for the actual running of the Stroud Pride event. They will manage stall applications and involvement of outside agencies up to; and on the day. They will produce a management plan and site plan that will contribute to the TEN.


The Stroud Pride Committee will meet regularly throughout the year. We start with monthly meetings in the autumn and then move towards fortnightly meetings in the New Year and weekly meetings as we head into May/June. We then go back to monthly meetings in August to ensure we have paid all invoices and reviewed any feedback from the community. Committee members will maintain a clear overview and oversight of everything that is happening at Stroud Pride. Members of the committee need to be able to attend at least 75% of the meetings, plus work between meetings on action points and events.

The committee is open to new members joining throughout the year, to encourage community cohesion and inclusion; these members will not be obligated to attend meetings.

Annual General Meeting

Stroud Pride will hold open meetings in accessible venues at least once a year to update and consult with the community and elect new officers on to the committee for the following year.

Making Decisions

Our core values will guide us in all our decisions. We work democratically – we make decisions by means of a vote. The decision will go with the majority vote. In the event of a tie the Co-Chairs will have a combined casting vote. Within each team it is the lead that will make decisions with guidance from the committee. Important decisions (those that affect the whole team or have any financial component) will be brought to the committee for a vote.

All decisions made by the committee must undertake to support the organisation’s goals, whilst maintaining financial responsibility in order to ensure that Stroud Pride can meet any and all financial obligations associated with running Stroud Pride.


Each year we raise the money needed to run Stroud Pride and seek donations and grants from individuals, unions, councils, businesses, charities and fundraising bodies. We aim to work with local shops in the area to sell rainbow goods and Stroud Pride merchandise. We encourage individuals and groups to organise fundraising events and we seek raffle prizes from local organisations.

We have a bank account that has three signatories – 2 signatures are required on each cheque. The treasurer is responsible for the smooth running of the bank account and ensuring that all bills are paid, invoices issued, and reasonable expenses reimbursed. The treasurer will give a financial report at each meeting.

Before any money is spent, it must be first cleared by at least 2 members of the senior team, assisted by the committee (recorded in the minutes of a meeting). Any expenditure not approved, preferably in advance, will not be reimbursed.

Amending the Constitution

The core values, ground rules and structure of the Stroud Pride Collective will be reviewed every year. The constitution can be amended as needed and agreed at a committee meeting.

Dissolving Stroud Pride

If Stroud Pride should be dissolved, any money or property remaining after payment of debts will be given to a charity working with the LGBTQ+ community.

Marketing and Advertising

All marketing and advertising will be overseen by the Marketing and Advertising officer under the alias of Stroud Pride. It is not permitted that individuals act on our behalf or without the clear authorisation of the Marketing and Advertising officer.

Stroud Pride Core Values

We base all our decisions on our core values. Everyone who joins Stroud Pride and any stakeholders and representatives must agree to uphold them. Our aim is to create a Stroud Pride that:

  • Is family friendly
  • Free, inclusive, accessible
  • Promotes equality
  • Celebrates diversity
  • Inspires creativity
  • Builds confidence
  • Listens to the community and helps to develop it
  • Educates and raises awareness of LGBTQ+ issues
  • Overcomes intolerance and prejudice of any kind
  • Challenge negative attitudes
  • Is ethical and sustainable
  • Promotes local talent and businesses
  • Involves people and organisations running their own events
  • Encourages enthusiastic volunteers from the community
  • Treats people with respect at all times and avoid abusive or discriminatory language
  • Works positively and creatively to ensure everyone feels welcome whatever their age, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief
  • Celebrates Stroud

Ground Rules for Members of the Stroud Pride

  • Uphold our core values
  • Do what you say you will do
  • Be accountable for what you do
  • Behave responsibly when acting in the name of Stroud Pride
  • When in meetings speak one at a time
  • Respect one another’s abilities and energy levels
  • Dream but be realistic and practical about what we can achieve
  • Be open and honest – if you have concerns or worries, express them but try to focus on the positives
  • Trust one another
  • Respect confidentiality
  • Work collectively and democratically – you don’t have to agree with every decision we make as a group but you do need to respect them
  • Avoid emails/texts/social media posts that might cause distress – talk to one another about important issues
  • If you have concerns about another member of Stroud Pride, talk to the chair or vice-chair who will make an action plan to deal with the issue.
  • Be willing to give, ask for and receive help